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Water Wells

To aid your decision to drilling a water well on your property you should consider the following:

Understand that there are no guarantees that there is water beneath every property, but you can find information to help you make the decision of whether a water well is a good option for you.

1. Know your legal description (section, township, and range) and contact the Kansas Geological Survey website (www.kgs.ku.edu) or call the Missouri  
Department of Natural Resource (573-368-2165) and look up the well logs for your area. This will help tell the depths, and result in your area.
2. Talk to the surrounding neighbors about their experiences.
3. Be sure you contact your county, city, and State agencies about regulations and permits.
4. Make sure you have found a reputable and reliable water well driller with years of experience and knowledge in your area.
Water Well Services We Provide
  • Irrigation

  • Feedlot

  • Industrial

  • Public Water Supply

  • Oil Field Water Supply

  • Lawn & Garden

  • Air Conditioning

  • De-watering

  • Monitoring Wells

  • Injection Wells